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Shout out to April Kuras, Eric Lee, and Jishma Siraj for buying me coffees this past week! ☕

April Kuras is a regular reader of The Curious Bunch. She's also a Note-Taking enthusiast and loves using tools like RemNote as her second brain to enable more creativity in her work.

Eric Lee is the writer behind Savvy Saturdays. I'm sure most of you recognize him through Radical Candor article which I shared few weeks ago. I'm digging his newsletter every Saturday!

Jishma Siraj is my friend and colleague who is an avid reader and a Data Scientist. She is one of the first few people who supported me in the initial days of The Curious Bunch.​​
Picture: NoCode Beginners Guide
A comprehensive guide for NoCode beginners. If you're drowning in the 'No-Code' jargon and don't have clear direction, then this guide is for you.

Here are few topics this guide covers:
  1. Introduction to no code
  2. Extensive glossary list
  3. What is a MVP, building in public and validation
  4. Idea discovery and finding your niche
...and more!

Only 6 copies left at this price. Get yours before they run out.
Interesting Reads 📖
1. Entrepreneur, Manager, Doer
5 minutes | Linda

The title we are given holds tremendous significance, and our self-worth is often tied to our 'Titles'. We've all had situations where tasks at work don't match up with our title at work.

Linda says, "Title is sexy, tasks are boring. But quality of life is determined by the tasks you do, not the title you carry."

Find out how to make better career choices by understanding yourself and asking the appropriate questions about your job.

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2.The Joy of F*ck-You Money
8 minutes | Richard Meadows

“The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary.” — NASSIM NICHOLAS TALEB

Are you slave to your monthly salary? Or, can you say f*ck you to things that don't align with your values and still live comfortably?

In this 2 part series of posts, the author talks about having enough money to say 'No, Thanks' to clients or projects and how it can bring you joy.

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3. The Modern Trap Of Turning Hobbies Into Hustles
3 minutes | Molly Conway

"You don't have to monetize your joy."

I surround myself with creators and people who want to make it on their own both on social media and in real life. Especially in Social Media, I come across many creators who turned their hobbies into something they can earn money from. It all seems so fantastical but, remember, you don't necessarily have to monetize every single one of your hobbies.

You can have a hobby, like a pet, just to enrich your life. For fun.

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Be Productive ⚡

1. Text Blaze

At your work or on social media, you always send something in text-format which is kind of repetitive. For example, saying 'thank-you' when someone compliments you has more or less the same template and same enthusiasm. Or, answering customer support questions as an Indie Maker.

How about automating this process? Eliminate repetitive typing and mistakes using this Chrome Extension.

Easy-to-use templates with endless customizability and powerful automation.
All with full control at your fingertips.

➡ Visit Website

2. How to beat procrastination
10 minutes | lukeprog

I've never read an article with so many actionable points to beat procrastination. All this is backed by research and careful observations. I highly recommend you reading this if you're trying to get out of your slump.

Put these 3 things into action to beat procrastination:
  1. Increase your expectancy of success.
  2. Increase the task's value (make it more pleasant and rewarding).
  3. Decrease your impulsiveness.
P.S: Found this gem on BrainPint

➡ Read the post

3. Ella's Notion Template Website - FREE Original Templates

Who doesn't love Free Notion Templates?

Ella designs beautiful templates and they're available for free to duplicate into your workspace. Also find free covers and icons to make your own templates.

Few of my favourites:
  • Day Dreamer
  • Life Magazine
  • Task Based Home
  • Daily Planner
Visit Website 

Be Creative 🎨

1.The Part-Time Creator Manifesto
11 minutes | Shawn Wang

Indie Makers and Creators aim for a life of being their own boss and free from 9-5 job.

Shawn recently reached his milestone of $100k in sales from his side project. Yet, he didn't feel the urge to quit his job. He reflects on his journey and advices why side projects need not make money right away.

He also talks about being a part-time creator and how you can become one without leaving your current job.

Read the post

2. 17 Tips For Great Copywriting
3 minutes | Marketing Examples

If you're learning copywriting or improving your writing to capture audience's attention, then this is the right article for you.

I'm trying to revamp my Landing Page for the newsletter with these tips. Got any suggestions for me?

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3. Dedicate 'No Time' to boost creativity
4 minutes | Alto Nivel

According to neuroscience, taking a break from our busy schedules and devoting some time to doing absolutely nothing is key to fostering creativity.

Some might say this is meditation, but to me, it is not. I had no idea that there was a name for it or that Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein followed 'no time'. When I'm in this zone, I tend to let my imagination take the control instead of trying to control my thoughts.

Why don't you give it a try? Let me know how you find it.

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Bonus Content ⭐

  1. Word Tune - your thoughts in words
  2. Kick Ass Letters by Yarty Kim
  3. The Secrets Of Successful Creators by Josh Spector
  4. Obsidian - Second Brain
  5. Focusmate - Connect with virtual co-workers


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